The Purium Experience

Purium has been dedicated to creating the highest purity and potency nutrition for over 25 years. Purium= Pure + Premium. Our founders have a personal relationship with every farm/er that provides food for our products, and ensure that they use the healthiest regenerative and organice growing practices. Food is harvested, juiced and wind dehydrated on the farm. This process ensures that the nutrient content is higher than any other food we eat. Each shake is equivalent to 6 superfood salads and contains 96% of recommended daily micronutrients. And every batch is triple tested to ensure that there are no chemical residues. These practices, combined with the focus on detoxification and gut healing, are why thousands of people have found these products to help their bodies heal in ways that no other protocol has.

Purium offers a solution that benefits our bodies, the earth and the future generations to come.

Your Support team

[ Sara Bassindale ]

Sara Bassindale enjoys sharing her love of Nature, Sound, Movement, Breath & Nutrition. She is a certified Holistic Health Coach, Yoga instructor, Therapeutic Breath-work practitioner, and offers Nature & Vibrational Sound experiences. She believes we all have the capacity to heal ourselves, that we can access this in ways that can be simple, joyful and fulfilling. Adding Purium into her lifestyle has brought so much nourishment, vitality and awareness around the quality and sources of our food. This experience is about supporting yourself as well as ethical, sustainable, and regenerative practices for others and this Earth. Sara will be sharing recipe ideas, Breath-work practices, Energy Medicine & Gentle movement techniques. For more information about Sara's work or to schedule a session you can visit here.

[ Serena Acker ]

Serena is a teacher by heart. She enjoys gardening, healthy cooking and movement. She is a certified Yoga Instructor and Spanish teacher. She believes that a healthy body is the foundation to a healthy life. Adding Purium to her life has changed everything. It helped balanced her hormones, heal her food sensitivities and gut imbalance and nourished her busy and active lifestyle. The philosophy behind Purium deeply resonates with the future she hopes to help cultivate for the world. Serena will be sharing recipes, yoga and movement practices.

[ Audrya Chancellor ]

Audrya loves community, organic gardening, creating sacred space with sound healing and being a mother. Nurturing herself, family and community is her ultimate mission through high vibrational food, thought, connections and healing sound frequencies. She assists others to feel energized, balanced and rejuvenated.

Puruim has been a blessing in her life. It has awakened her cells in a whole new way! She feels much more vibrant, energetic and balanced. Her skin condition has healed, her hormones are balanced, and her gut is feeling healthy again. Purim is a movement of people making positive changes in our world and they are redefining nutrition with the highest quality organic ingredients. For more information on Audrya's work or to schedule a session visit here.

[ Sue Nagle ]

Sue’s joy is to help people to connect to nature and connect to Source through ceremony, bodywork, nutrition, and vibrational sound therapy. Sue combines natural healing modalities with cutting edge technologies to uncover the Truth of who we really are---Love and Light!

Sue has been trained by native elders and has been a ceremonial sweat leader for more than 30 years. She has been practicing bodywork and energy healing for over 25 years. Discovering the Purium high vibrational nutritional products has helped her feel more nutrified and energetic as well as happy to be part of a larger community that care for earth, air, fire, water, people and Spirit. Sue will be offering ceremony, medicine songs, nutritional guidance with the Bioset system and sound frequency healing with the Ampcoil.