"Purium has been such a positive addition to my diet. The products are tasty and nourishing, while gentle on the body systems. I have received better than expected results from the ULT 30 day program with increased energy, weight loss, and improved skin and nails. This experience has changed my food routine to keep the benefits going. Our local support team is kind, insightful, and inspiring. It’s wonderful to purchase from a company that is supporting organic farmers and is making changes for healthy people and a healthier planet!!"

-Angela S.

"I have been using the Purium products daily ever since I did a 30 day reset almost a year ago. The 30 day reset was privitol in changing my metabolism, curbing my sugar cravings and improving my energy. The products are high quality and super easy to use. My monthly order keeps me consistent with my self care, knowing that everyday I am doing something that is healthy and feeding my body. Thank you Sara for all your support and love!"

- Tracy Wolfson

"I was stuck at a weight higher than I have ever been without being pregnant. I ate good food and had a very active lifestyle. I wasn’t really searching for reasons anymore but decided to do the cleanse with my sister & sister-in-law. I lost 15 lbs in the first 2 weeks and 20 overall. I feel good and have kept it off for 3 months. Parts were challenging but doing with friends was so helpful."

-Jessica Devine

"This is my third time using the Purium Ultimate lifestyle transformation since starting in 2021. I love the shakes and have had great results, my gut health was much better and bloating feeling was gone. I am so glad Sara turned me onto this program, its easy to follow, I just had to commit and invest in my health. Starting this year with the ULT again and I’m excited to lose some of the weight that I gained over the past year and feel light and clean inside and out. I definitely recommend using Purium products for a healthy lifestyle."

-Trent W.