Our vision here is to help foster connections and promote small businesses of like-minded individuals looking to increase their physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Angela Cruz

Niakwa Healing Arts offers practical and spiritual guidance to individuals seeking to create a more fulfilling and empowered life.

We understand that there are many doors through which one can access the spiritual realm…music, dance, readings, and ceremonies are just some of these ways… and that by knowing how to align particular energies and vibrations these gateways can be opened for us to learn and discover more than we could have ever imagined possible…

Angelique Larson

Angelique is a spiritual guide that facilitates one's inner healing process, through energy healing techniques. That are scientifically proven to restore balance for mind, body, and soul wellness. Her focus is to share natural health and energy medicine solutions that promote the body's innate ability to heal itself. Through an emphasis on breathwork, working with energetic pathways of the mind and body. Angelique helps her clients feel empowered to overcome their programming, conditioning, and traumas so that they can realize the greatness that lies within themselves.

Audrya Chancellor

Audrya Chancellor has been exploring Sound Healing and Reiki since 2003 in Canada. She began offering Didgeridoo and Reiki sessions focusing on clearing stuck energy and activating the Chakra system. Audrya traveled to Australia in 2008-09 to connect with the Aboriginals and other Didgeridoo Masters. She received permission to play the didgeridoo for healing from many different Aboriginals as they appreciated Audrya’s humble connection to Mother Earth and her compassion.

Offering Card Readings, Crystal therapy and Angelic Reiki all centered from her Sacred heart to yours.

A energy/space clearing begins each session.

Length and price of session can vary depending on each individuals needs.

Sessions can be done long distance or in person.

She also sells handmade healing gemstone jewelry.

Phone~ 707-357-2959


Sherry Bell

Organic, wild crafted, local handmade soap & oil blends. Herbal healing while rejuvenating and gentle cleansing with nature's gifts.


Phone: 707-272-4003

Paizogony is a jewelry design line inspired by the Ancient world! Expressing a mystical symbology In a Modern way. Supporting the power of the Devine feminine with all who dare to wear this Representation. Allow me, to inspire you to represent & express your Inner power your class ur funk & most of all ur loving playfulness as the Priestess, Goddess, Warrioress you are.

Material’s made with brass, Gold, gemstones & feathers.

Sara Bassindale

Sara wants to help you connect to your natural rhythms and the rhythms of nature to live the fulfilled life you deserve! Her style and approach is very individualized; incorporating sound, movement, creativity, healing foods, mediation, connection with breath and nature. She believes we are here to learn, explore and grow from each other to make ourselves and this planet a better place. Being in the present moment and choosing to find balance in everything we do is the most beneficial to a happy and healthy lifestyle!